3 Tips  for  Making a Skirt  Bigger

Whether you’ve gained a few extra pounds, or you recently got a lovely piece that is too small to fit you, you do not have to retire or get rid of a beautiful skirt.

Bringing your favorite skirt up to size is uncomplicated.

With a few home sewing tools, you can make it the perfect or close-to-perfect fit again.

There are a couple of ways to improve a skirt’s fit. We run through a few tips for making a skirt bigger.

Sew In a New Waistband

If the skirt is tighter only at the waist, replacing the waistband with a new one of your size should suffice.

Tilted Brush Stroke
Tilted Brush Stroke

Add Some Fabric

If you believe replacing the waistband will not suffice, try adding a stretchy fabric to the skirt.

Undo the Tucks, Darts, or Pleats

If your skirt has tucks, pleats, or darts, you can undo them to make it bigger.