Step-By-Step Guide  to Sewing  a Patch on a Backpack  (2 Ways)

Patches are awesome. They’re a fantastic way to take a product that anyone can buy and make it your own. Backpacks are one personal item people love to decorate with patches.

Getting the Right Supplies for Sewing Patches The stitching you use is important, but the thread and needle you use to sew a patch on a backpack are equally important.

Sewing a Patch on by Hand

1. Thread the Needle 2. Pin the Patch 3. Start Sewing 4. Secure the Stitching 5. Remove the Pins and Needle

Sewing a Patch on with a Sewing Machine

1. Pin the Patch 2. Set Your Machine 3. Stitching Your Patch 4. Trim Excess Thread

Pick What Works for You

Hand sewing a patch will take more time, and your final product may not look as polished, but not everyone owns or knows how to use a sewing machine.

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