Can You Use WD40 On A Sewing Machine?

WD40 was created in the 1950s as a rust preventative solvent and de-greaser. It quickly became the go-to product in many households.

WD40 should only be used as a solvent to clean your machine. It must be cleaned off fully to stop it from removing new oil and lubricant applied.

Can WD40 Be Used As A Lubricant On A Sewing Machine?

The WD40 will strip away the existing lubricant and oils that are meant to help its parts move smoothly. This will leave the machine dry, leading to metal rubbing on metal.

The best product to use for a lubricant is sewing machine oils such as Singer Sewing Machine Oil. They are inexpensive and can be purchased in most stores or online. The oils that should never be applied to your sewing machine are 3-in 1 oil and WD40.

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What Can WD40 Be Used For On A Sewing Machine?

WD40 should never be utilized as a lubricant, but it works well as a solvent on a sewing machine.

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How To Clean My Machine Properly With WD40?

A sewing machine can be degreased nicely with WD40. It needs to be done correctly; otherwise, it can damage the machine.