Can You  Sew ThroughHeat and  Bond?

Heat and bond is a paper-like adhesive used on fabric. Its adhesion is activated by applying heat to it (usually heat from an iron).

Some heat and bond are double-sided while some are single-sided. Some can be sewn through while some should not be sewn through.

Types of Heat and Bond

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Double-sided heat and bond is used to join fabrics together. It is best used for joining small pieces of fabric to larger pieces.

Single-sided heat and bond on the other hand attaches only to one side. This type of heat and bond is commonly attached to fabric to make the fabric a bit more rigid.

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Can You Sew Through Heat and Bond?

You should be able to sew through most heat and bond. But this depends on the amount of gum infused into the heat and bond.

Reasons Why You Might Need to Sew Through Heat and Bond

Generally, when you use heat and bond lite, you may have to sew through it. Since it contains a lower amount of adhesive, the fabrics can easily separate when you wash them or when they are ironed repeatedly.

Special Requirements for Needles and Thread

You may also coat the thread and the needle with a lubricant. Liquid silicon is commonly used for this purpose. It makes your needle and thread slippery and prevents them from getting sticky.