Are Hem Tape And  Bias Tape the Same?

Are Hem Tape And  Bias Tape the Same?

Hem tape is a way of hemming your clothes without the use of needles and threads.

Bias tape on the other hand is a thin band of material which is cut “on the bias.”  A bias simply means an angle of 45 degrees across the fabric.

Bias Tape (uses)

 This makes bias tape stretchier and more pliable, unlike a strip that has been cut on the grain.

Uses of Bias Tape

Bias tape can be found on the edges of shirt armholes, necklines, bibs, quilts, placemats, when matching or complementing the main fabric is desired. 

Hem Tape

Hem tape is a kind of adhesive that is fusible and designed for hemming, mending, and taking in garments.

Uses of Hem Tape

Hem tape can then be used to make sure that the stitches do not continue to unravel Hem tape can also be used to hold hems until they are sewn

Single Fold Bias Tape

A single fold bias tape is often used as a facing to hem necklines or armholes, and to finish inside seams by covering raw edges.