How to Fold a Quilt for Display  (11 Places to Display!)

If you want to optimize your quilt allocation and freshen up the look of rooms you haven’t changed up in a few months, then keep reading!

When folding a quilt, we want to be extra careful that we don’t put permanent creases in the quilt. This issue can arise from folding as tightly as we would sheets or other more malleable fabrics.

Use a Drying Rack or Towel Shelf

Whether it is an old drying rack that you have to move from place to place on the floor or a mounted towel shelf that you can fold the quilts between, both will work great for storing and displaying your quilts!

Hang From Drawers or Cabinets

This is a good way to add a bit of style to an otherwise drab kitchen counter. It also gives you a space to display some of the more petite projects that you have completed over the years.

A Couch Cover

This is ideal for keeping older furniture from having to be replaced and gives your quilt a practical use that you can utilize for years to come.