Forgot to Prewash Quilt Fabric?  Don’t Worry!

Prewashing of quilt fabric is the laundering of the fabrics before putting them to use in a quilt project.  This practice has traditionally been done, but since it isn’t necessary or mandatory, not everyone prewashes their fabric.

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Prewashing has always been a tradition for quilters, and most people do it for many reasons.  However, it is not always necessary, as it has several pros and cons associated with it.

Should You Prewash Quilt Fabric?


Prewashing removes the manufacturing chemicals.  It also helps to shrink your fabrics before putting them to work.

Advantages of Prewashing


What if You Forget to Prewash?

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People like to prewash, but you can choose not to pre-wash the fabric at all.  This will ensure keeping the fabric even and not putting too much pressure on the stitches.

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Advantages of Failing to Prewash

Failing to prewash, means that the chemicals in the fabrics are preserved, helping maintain the crispness and hardness in every piece of the fabric, making it easy to cut and sew besides avoiding wrinkles on the fabric.