Difference Between Applique and Patchwork?  (Key Differences!)


The primary difference between applique and patchwork is the background fabric.

Difference Between Applique and Patchwork


Applique involves joining smaller pieces of fabric together by sewing them onto a larger fabric. On the other hand, patchwork, also known as piecework, involves sewing smaller pieces of fabric together.



Traditionally, people made applique using felt, fleece, and quilting cotton. However, these days, you can use many other types of fabrics.

The small pieces of fabric used in patchwork are known as patches. You can also follow a random pattern.


Can You Use Patchwork and Applique in the Same Quilt?

You can use patchwork and applique in making quilts. Also, if you want, you can use applique and patchwork in the same quilt.

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