Are Serger Feet Interchangeable?

Although serger feet are matched to their machines according to the brand and model number, they can be interchanged. In other words, you might be able to use a serger foot for one machine brand with another machine.

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What Type of Shanks Are Present in Sewing Machines?

The shank type is determined by the length between the serger foot and the serger foot screw. This length is measured when the serger foot lever is down.

If you have a low shank model of any of these brands, you can interchange their low-shank serger foot. The same goes for the high shank models.

Interchanging Serger Feet Between Brother and Singer Machines

There are many types of serger feet, and each one has unique uses.

Blind Hem Foot

Like the name says, a blind hem foot is used to make blind hems. With this type of serger foot, the hem made on the fabric is not readily visible.

Beading Foot

As the name says, the beading foot is used to sew beads to the edge of fabrics. This saves a lot of time compared to the manual method.