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Can Quilted Jackets Be Altered? (If Yes, How To?)

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It’s jacket season once again! I don’t know where you all live, but here I am, still sitting in the snow in what should be spring. Those poor flowers–opening their buds and blooming until the cold air makes them close, opening as it warms up, then having to close again!

But I’m sure the flowers aren’t the only ones being affected by this bipolar weather–we all need to be prepared for days that are warm at one point and freezing the next!

This may seem like a frustrating transition between our winter and spring period. For some, I’m sure it is. We want it to be summer already. Why does the world have to be against us, setting us back for colder and colder days when we are desperate to be out in shorts and planning trips to the beach?

happy female customer examining green quilted jacket

However, for others, and this may be the same for you, this weather is great!

How could it possibly be great? Because it means it’s jacket season! The in-between weather of summer to fall and winter to spring means fluctuating warm and cold. You can’t commit to a full winter outfit from wool socks and boots to thick sweatpants, sweaters, and a big fluffy coat–that would be way too hot! However, you also can’t commit to shorts, tank tops, and flip flops, either–you’d freeze after thirty minutes!

Now’s the time you get to put on a jacket and add a bit of flair to your wardrobe while the weather sorts itself out.

So how do you reconcile this wardrobe dilemma? By layering!

And when it comes to layering, nothing does it so well as the jacket.

Jackets, especially quilted ones, are fantastic because not only do they shield you from gusts of cold wind that may blow through the spring air, but they’re so easy to take on and off if the sun decides to come out.

With a jacket, you can be prepared for cold, or unzip the jacket and wear your shirt underneath instead if it warms up.

Jackets are a genius and popular fashion piece. And, due to their popularity, naturally, people will want to experiment with them and invent their own styles of jackets and find ones that fit their personality best.

Hence came the various types of jackets you can buy like sweat jackets, jean jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets, knitted or crocheted jackets, and the ever-popular quilted jacket.

a little girl in a silver jacket in winter goes outside in winter

Quilted Jackets

Originally, quilted fabric comprised the majority of clothing in places such as China. It created an outfit that kept people warm, and it was thick enough to protect against attacks.

Since then, quilting has been modified into blankets, bedding, and wall art such as tapestries, pillows, and other functions.

However, as usual, old fashion trends eventually come back into style, and this ancient trend has made its way back into society. People are once again wearing quilted clothing and making jackets out of quilt material.

Why jackets? Well, some jackets are certainly cute, but the fabric is so thin that they provide very little protection from the elements if you’re trying to wear them for warmth outside.

Quilted jackets provide some of the best protection from cold air due to their thick, blanket-like protection. That’s a great way to describe it. Wearing a quilted jacket is like wearing a blanket!

Quilted jackets also have a certain look about them that many people love– the thick, bulky texture and style are endearing to some and very flattering on different body types.

The most loved feature, however, is probably the unique styling of a quilted jacket. Just like a patchwork quilt, you can buy or make a quilted jacket that is completely unique based on the fabric that was used and the patterns.

You can get ones made from fabric that has special meaning to you or that fits your personality best, and design and create your quilted jacket to make a design you love and are dying to wear and show to the world. You can make your own quilted jacket, buy one in a store, or have one specially made for you on sites such as Etsy.

couple choosing design for winter jacket

Altering Your Quilted Jacket

So, you decided to buy a quilted jacket. Perhaps you bought a new one at a store or found one for a steal at a thrift store, or purchased a handmade one from Etsy or your grandmother.

You love it, but after trying it on, you realize it needs some alterations done. The sleeves are too long, or the waist needs to be tapered so you don’t look like a pillow!

However, with these types of jackets, alterations can be tricky. They’ve already been handled enough; can they handle any more? Or is it that it’s been so much? What harm can a little more do?

Or perhaps you’re pulling out an old jacket. It’s been a year since you’ve seen your beloved quilted jacket; it’s been tucked away safely in your storage bins for spring. However, you realize that some things aren’t right about it. A button is missing, or there’s a tear, or you don’t like the way it looks on you anymore, and you want to alter it.

Can your beloved jacket be fixed, or is it time to say goodbye?

In this article, we can assure you that your quilted jackets can be altered!

For jackets specifically, some alterations are much easier and much more doable than others, and we will explain those as you read on.

smiling young lady giving dry clean clothes to customer

Dry Clean First

One pro tip for jacket lovers: dry clean your jacket before first use! Whether it’s the first use ever or the first use this year, it would be in the best interest of your jacket to dry clean it. If you’ve just brought it home from the store for the first time, especially if it’s second-hand, you don’t know where it’s been! It could have all sorts of germs from other people, plus dust and packaging chemicals from storage.

If you’re pulling it out of your spring clothing bin in storage, it’ll also need cleaning. It has all the dirt and other things from you wearing it last year, plus dust from sitting in storage.

By dry cleaning your jacket before your first time wearing it that season, it will make it clean and new for you, preserving it for longer and preserving your health for longer as well.

woman choosing winter jacket in thrift store

Altering: The Shoulders and Sleeves

The shoulders of a jacket are the most difficult part to alter. So, if you need to change the shoulders for whatever reason, too big or too small, it may be better just to give it to someone who fits it and get yourself a new one.

This is a big tip to consider before buying your jacket! Don’t buy one that’s too small on the shoulders and expect to be able to alter it, because it can’t be cleanly done.

Due to the number of seams in the sleeves of a jacket, alterations are quite simple! Depending on your issue, there is almost always a solution.

If the sleeves are too long, you can hem them at the cuff to make them shorter. If they’re too short, you can take out the hem and make them longer. If your arms feel too tight in the sleeve, you can remove the lining to make more space.

back of woman wearing light purple winter jacket near a frozen lake

Flattering Your Figure: Belts and Tapering

Quilted jackets are notorious for a boxy, rectangular shape. Some figures are flattered by this, but some are not. If you’re in love with your quilted jacket but are hoping to make it show off your figure, you can accentuate your waist by adding belt loops, then quilting a belt to go with it. By being able to cinch the jacket with a belt, you can show your curves and still get to wear your adorable and warm jacket.

You can also taper your jacket to create a more flattering style. You can take in the waist, cinching the material there, making your natural curves show even when wearing the jacket. This will be more complicated than simply adding belt loops, but if you don’t like belts or want your jacket to naturally highlight your figure, then tapering is the way to go.

handsome man with beard in a winter jacket with fur outdoor

Minor Repairs: Buttons and Zippers

Missing buttons or broken zippers? Easy fix! Your local craft store, such as Joann’s, will have hundreds of options for you to choose from.

If you’re missing a button, consider getting all new ones to keep uniformity and make your jacket look newer.

Zippers can also be easily replaced. Or, if you need a zipper added to give you extra space, you can add a small piece of fabric to the jacket to fit a zipper and sew it on from there.


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