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9 Beginner Sewing Projects for Guys

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Let’s face it, most of the sewing industry is geared toward women. You log on to any social media platform, like Pinterest for example, and its pictures of floral patterns and doilies. People post instructionals on YouTube on how to sew a dress or scrunchies for beginners.

But what about guys who want to learn how to sew? We know that there are plenty of men in the fashion industry, so why isn’t there a lot of content around things for male beginner sewers to try?

Well, that’s about to change! We’re doing our part to even the scales here and offer up some cool project ideas for easy sewing projects for boys and men who want to learn how to sew. Nothing here is overly complicated, and it can be a lot of fun learning.

One of the most important things about learning to sew is not to take yourself too seriously at first. You’re going to make mistakes. That’s part of the process. Keep breathing, enjoy yourself, and you’ll get there eventually.

Here are 9 cool beginner sewing projects for guys.

Project 1- A Pillowcase

soft pillow case

For decades, pillowcases were the go-to beginner sewing projects in home economics classes around the country. If you’re not old enough to remember, home economics is where you learned cooking basics, sewing, and other “domestic” skills that you would use later on in life.

A pillowcase is a terrific project because it’s straight lines and doesn’t have many seams. You simply line up the fabric evenly and sew in straight lines. In minutes you’ll be done.

Sure, you may go through a few pieces of fabric before you complete your first pillowcase, but that’s no big deal.

Project 2- Pajama Pants

stack of pyjamas

Are you a guy that likes to lounge around in pajama pants after a long day at work or working out? Pajama pants, with the right fabric, are super comfortable and easy to make.

You can start to get into sewing with patterns with this project, which will be a little trickier because you have to line up the fabric correctly.

Project 3- Grill Apron

man in a kitchen apron

Every guy loves a grilling apron that looks cool. Of course, if you’re feeling funny, you can always make something for your dad or some other person you know that has a silly slogan on it.

Grill aprons are great because they’re a gift that the people in your life will love, and they aren’t hard to make.

The only challenge here will be using what are normally thicker materials than are used for something like a pillowcase because it’s got to be strong enough to handle the heat and grease from the grill.

Project 4- A T-Shirt

Black and white color two plain t-shirts

If you’re like most guys, you already have a closet full of t-shirts. We all love a fresh t-shirt, and you’ll have way more pride knowing that you’re walking around wearing something you made from scratch!

Start off with solid colors that are darker because they’ll hide any errors while you’re learning. As you get better, you can progress into lighter colors and more delicate fabrics.

Project 5- A Dress

simple sewn dress

There really aren’t any rules when it comes to sewing as a beginner when you’re a guy. If you’re dating someone or have a sister, you can watch any of those tutorials on sewing a dress and learn from there.

People who are serious about getting into sewing and the fashion industry often have to focus on women because that’s where the money is. If you’re just doing it for fun, then make it part of your learning experience.

Project 6- A Tie

different patterns and colours of man ties

Ties are small projects that you can knock out without too much trouble. And, once you figure the process out, you’ll never have to buy an overpriced tie from a store ever again.

You can make unique ties with different fabrics and patterns, and adjust how long or thin they should be to fit your body perfectly.

Project 7- Tech Gadget Sleeves

DIY cotton fabric telephone case

Protective sleeves for your laptop, phone, tablet, and other gadgets are in vogue and will save you money if you ever trip and drop an expensive device.

Why not save yourself from having to buy an expensive device from the Apple store or somewhere similar and make your own as you learn to sew?

You can find the fabrics in any fabric store. They’ll need to be thick enough to do the job of protecting once it’s finished. Buy something in wool and strong thread to keep it all together.

Project 8- Clothing Alterations

Business suit tailoring, on wooden background

Do you have pants you want to turn into shorts or clothes that are too big for you after you’ve lost some weight? Turn these into some awesome beginner sewing projects.

All you have to do is cut them along the seams and adjust the length of the fabric and sew them back together again. It’s an easy project that will give you the sense of accomplishment that you need to keep learning more complicated sewing techniques.

Project 9- Handkerchiefs

handkerchiefs in different colors

These are easy to sew and are a bit of a throwback to an era when style and upscale fashion mattered more than it does today.

A nice pocket handkerchief will always come in handy when you’re going somewhere in a suit or a tux, or in a pinch when you’re around someone who needs a handkerchief to dry a tear or wipe up a spill.

You’ll be the hero that comes through as you whip out your handmade hanky. It’ll be even more awesome when you know you made that yourself.

Learning to sew for guys is a ton of fun, and there are a lot of different projects worth your time! Start with something small and take your time.

Learning how to sew is a valuable skill that you’ll use for the rest of your life. As you get more familiar with sewing using different machines and by hand, you can start to level up and make things that are more fun and complicated.


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