"Measure-By-The-Yard TM"


Time after time we have discovered the need to measure by the yard. Owning a quilt shop has made this a necessity to quilting.
“Measure-By-The-Yard”TM is the newest measuring tool for those who work with measuring fabric of all types, especially for quilters. “Measure-By-The-Yard”TM is the easy way to measure yardage, because it Converts Inches into Yards at a Glance tm. Now there’s no more trying to get a stretchy plastic or cloth tape to lay flat…no more flip flopping of a yard stick, no more using a calculator, no more guessing, or making the wrong measurement.

“Measure-By-The-Yard”TM is a Tape Measure that is 144” long, which is 4 yards. It has a steel blade for strength, that will lay flat, and a thumb lock so it will stay in place. The blade is divided in half, with inches marked on the top half and yardage marked on the bottom half, giving you instantly the correct yardage measurement you need to know at a glance. (Remember to add 6” ( 3” for each side) for the larger amount of fabric needed for the batting & backing, when quilting your quilt.)
It’s light weight to fit in your hand, and
Hot Pink, so it’s easy to find.
Converting Inches into Yards at a GlanceTM is a TIME saver.

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