"About Us"

A Pink Door with a crystal knob and the words “Furever Friends Quilt Shop” welcomes customers to our cheerful shop owned and operated by us, a husband and wife team, Don & Nola Aman, in Hillsboro, Oregon.

There’s a story behind the pink door. At our previous smaller location, we had our shop door painted Pink because the road was so busy that everyone
could see it better. So, when we moved our business to our larger location, our loyal
customers teasingly said they couldn’t find us because we didn’t have a Pink Door. That’s when Don went to the local Home Depot and bought a door, painted it Hot Pink and turned it into our sign. Today this trademark door stands next to the double glass entrance doors, at the top of the wheelchair ramp.

We have operated “Furever Friends” since 1988. It started out as a
t-shirt and sweatshirt screen-printing and applique business that complimented our seasonal wedding cake business. I found I had lots of leftover scraps
and heard that the local Women’s shelter needed quilts, so I started to watch PBS
and read all the quilt books I could find, and taught myself how to sew a quilt together. At craft shows I would pass out brochures and recruit ladies to help
sew the scraps into quilts. Now those ladies are still meeting the first and third
Tuesday evening of each month and continue to donate up to 200 quilts a year to the
Women’s shelter. (Even “Fons & Porters” quilt magazine had an article about our
Quilt group.) I got so involved in quilting that people began to think I had a quilt shop, ordering fabric here and quilt books from there and teaching others how to make quilts. Don and I were still busy running our other business. We owned and operated Custom Cakes-Unique Cookies, a wedding and party supply shop in Hillsboro. We even developed a decorated 3 pound chocolate chip cookie that
could be ordered fresh from over 15 choices of flavors and shapes. We were in the
wedding cake business for so long that we started making wedding cakes for our customer's children! But after 27 years of cake decorating and the last 9 of them
operating both businesses, cakes and quilting, we closed Custom Cakes-Unique
Cookies, so we could concentrate on the quilt business. So now, many of those who
were our cake customers are now taking quilting classes and learning how to create beautiful quilts of their own.

Then, a couple years ago, Don became interested in machine quilting. He looked
into it and eventually bought a quilting machine and after a lot of practice, he began
accepting quilting jobs. Now, he too is very busy, but he likes his work because it’s
relaxing, and serves as a creative outlet for him. This is how “Measure-By-The-Yard"TM was invented, by Don.